Load Banks

For power up to 5 Megawatts

Robust technology and high efficiency – this characterises our series of customer-specified load resistors and load banks. We distinguish between load resistors with a continuous power rating up to 100 kW and load banks that cover a performance range of up to 5 MW.  

The resistor elements used can be made up of various resistors using various resistance and stainless steel alloys. In general, the separate resistor units are cooled by an axial fan. Through an optional PLC controller, the different load levels are switched on and off based on performance. It is also possible to operate the system remotely and store and transmit specific data about the load bank to a distant or external control centre.  

With a combination of various plug-ins, the load resistors and load banks can be adapted to customer requirements and be used for testing and discharging battery systems, for electrical test in laboratories, and for carrying out load tests of motors, generators, ground power units, diesel generators, and gas turbines.

Our load banks are used:

  • for technical acceptance tests
  • for regular checks on engines, generators, gas turbines and diesel engines (continuous operation / gradual charging and discharging)
  • to protect equipment against damage
  • to discharge large battery systems


  • Approved and trusted HEINE resistor technology
  • robust construction, high operator safety
  • high quality of resistor enclosure materials (AISI 304, 316...)
  • high-quality materials for resistor elements (NiCr alloy)
  • Designed for a wide range of applications, differentiated within 3 power classes (higher power ranges possible)
      • 0 - 100 kW "moveable"
      • 100 - 100 kW "moveable and stationary"
      • 1000 -3000 kW "high-performance load container"
  • variable load steps for nominal voltages up to 690 V
  • high voltage applications are possible
  • manual or automatic operation (PLC-controlled)
  • Protection class up to IP2X (fan and resistor) and IP54 (control enclosure)
  • high-quality switchgear according to DIN EN 61439-1
  • low-noise cooling fans following the ERP 2015 directive
  • trailer mounting possible

Applications and Potential Customers

Energy suppliers, engine and generator manufacturers, renewable energy, Oil & Gas, laboratories, shipbuilders, USV testing

Power Range     0 -100 kW                                   100 - 1000 kW                       1000-3000 kW             
Operation Voltageup to 3 x 400 VAC                            up to 3 x 400 VAC              up to 3 x 690 VAC / 12 kV
Load Steps                                      1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 kW
Operation                        Continuous operation / (programmable) load cycle 
Protection Class (Resistor)                                                                IP2X
Protection Class (Enclosure Cabinet)                                                                IP54
Enclosure Material                  Galvanised / stainless stelle                                10/20 ft. Container     
Cooling                              natural                                               Forced by fan              
Temperature (ambient)                                                    - 25°C ... + 40°C

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