Aluminum Resistors

The light, compact solution

This series is characterised by its combination of lightweight, compact dimensions and high energy absorption capacity. It is based on either an aluminium housing (GW series) or an aluminium profile housing with integrated cooling fins (GWK series). By connecting multiple compact resistors in series, resistor units with higher capacities are possible. Aluminum resistors are used as brake and chopper resistors as well as load and test resistors.

Our aluminum resistors are used in the following applications:

brake: enable reliable movement control

load: protect capacitors in batteries

start: starting current control of high-power motors

filter: reduce unwanted voltages, load and current peaks


  • Approved and trusted HEINE resistor technology
  • lightweight
  • compact design
  • high energy-absorption capacity
  • aluminum enclosure (GW series) or
  • aluminum profile enclosure with integrated cooling fins (GWK series)

Applications and Potential Customers

  • braking resistors for frequency converters
  • braking resistors for cranes
  • braking resistors for lifts
  • braking resistors for stage technology
  • discharge/charge resistors for renewable energy
  • discharge/charge resistors for trains
Continuous Power40 - 10000 W
Resistance Values2.2 - 5400 Ω
Protection ClassIP20 - IP66

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