Cargolog TMS90 System

Real-time monitoring

Cargolog® TMS90 is a monitoring system based on the Cargolog® impact recording system, with a visual alarm for the driver and an external power supply.

It is an advanced device, which voltages can power from 8 to 48V DC directly from the vehicle, offering the driver the possibility to stop and check goods immediately, should any alarm level be exceeded.

Advantages of the Cargolog® TMS90:

  • Driver alarm alerts if alarm levels are exceeded
  • Identifies the need for roadside maintenance
  • Monitors and reports in real-time in the distance

The system measures, monitors and records acceleration, its duration, and temperature with integrated sensors. The system is powered by an external power supply directly from the vehicle. It is equipped with: Integrated GSM / GPRS for real-time data transmission and the integrated GPS receiver with an internal GPS sensor or external GPS antenna jack.

Acceleration0,3-10G ±3%, 0,5-20Hz, resolution 0,01G, sampling rate for acceleration 1kHz. Event can be activated on preset levels
Temperature-40°C ... +85°C, ±0,1°C; min. interval of 1 min up to > 1 year intervals; resolution 2s
Humidity0-100%, ±3% FS; min. interval of 1 min up to > 1 year intervals; resolution 2s

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