Remote monitoring for DGA online

The COMBOX is a remote monitoring system in a practical IP65 case, which allows all DASOTEC® DGA online devices to be connected remotely via the mobile network and a VPN tunnel.

With COMBOX, you can take advantage of the DASOTEC® remote monitoring and support service. You can configure, monitor and troubleshoot our dissolved oil gas analysers. 

Potentially, COMBOX can be interfaced with any device that has a TCP/IP or serial communication interface, so it can also be connected to other DGA instruments, not necessarily part of the product line offered by DASOTEC®.

The COMBOX can be used with a special sim card (choosing the operator according to the country of use) and the installation of a Linux server on a cloud. The service is available in two modes:

  • through direct management by DASOTEC®, which will directly monitor the DGA device under review
  • through the long-term rental of the COMBOX, including the sim data card and an account on a cloud server, with exclusive access by the customer, who will be able to connect to the device under review and control it entirely independently 
Technical Features

230VAC / 50 Hz power supply


  • RJ45 interface with ETHERNET protocol 
  • 2 digital outputs, type "Dry Contact"
  • 2 digital outputs, type "Wet contact"
  • internal antenna

Upon request, the following add-ons are available:

  • ETHERNET interface on SC or ST optical fibre
  • Serial interface, alternatively of two types:
    • RS 232 / MODBUS® RTU on DIN or circular connector
    • RS 485 / MODBUS® RTU on DIN or circular connector
  • power supply: 230 VAC or 240 VDC or 110 VDC  

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