Plate Resistors

For high absorption capacities

The high energy-absorbing capacity of our plate resistors, with elements made of highly heat-resistant high-alloy metal panels, is proof of their quality. Machined slots on both sides create a meandering path for the current. The width of the path determines the resistance value. The elements are reinforced with stainless steel bars and coated with mica strips on both long sides. Up to 40 resistors can be installed on the support bolts insulated with mica tubes on request. Ceramic sleeves isolate adjacent elements. The current is passed through stainless steel rollers. Strip resistors are used as braking and starting resistors, load and test resistors, and filter and damping resistors. Steel grid elements are used to assemble resistors for neutral earthing.

Our band resistors are used for the following applications:

brake: enable reliable movement control

load: load testing of power generation units

start: starting current control of high-power motors

test: for regular testing of power supply systems or electrical drives

earth: prevent damage to networked systems


  • Approved and trusted HEINE resistor technology
  • very high energy absorption capacity
  • standardised design
  • possibility of having customised types

Applications and Potential Customers

  • braking resistors for frequency converters
  • braking resistors for cranes
  • braking resistors for stage technology
  • braking resistors for renewable energy
Continuous Powerup to 160 kW
Resistance Values0.1 - 100 Ω
Protection ClassIP00, IP20, IP23

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