Fiber optic temperature monitor

Extremely reliable multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitor with precision measurement for Industrial and Laboratory applications. 

  • Robust and compact design
  • From 4 to 24 extendable fiber channels
  • Plug and Play, no field calibration
  • Best immunity against ESD in its Electro-Magnetic-Induction class (EMI)
  • 8 programmable relays, Form-C
  • Software designed to interface with other test platforms

Product Features

The Rugged Monitoring T301 is a multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitor with precision measurement for Industrial and Laboratory applications. The T301 Fiber optic monitor combines a compact form factor and user-friendly interface in the monitor and software. It is designed to operate reliably in extreme EMI, RFI, Microwave and high voltage environments. The T301 has a measuring range from -271 °C to +300 °C. The system offers complete immunity to RFI, EMI, Chemical, microwave radiation, and high voltages, making it an optimal choice for environments where the limitations of conventional temperature sensors/monitors affect usage in extreme conditions. The system is based on proven zero-drift GaAs technology and designed for Plug and Play operation.

The T301 is designed to collect data and easily integrate itself into existing systems through serial communication like RS-485 or Gigabit Optical Ethernet. The T301 monitor comes with Rugged Connect software designed with the needs of Test Platform or Industrial Process monitoring integration needs. It has the data integration capability of multiple test platforms. Rugged Connect software is designed to collect data from 256 channels simultaneously.

Plug and Play functionality provides the flexibility to interchange sensors without the inconvenience/concerns of calibration. Rugged Monitoring has a dedicated team for application-specific customizations for fiber optic sensors, monitor configuration and software integration to simplify the data collection of testing and monitoring applications.


  • Transformer Hot Spot monitoring
  • Industrial process control and monitoring
  • Electric Vehicle and Battery Testing
  • Medical Equipment testing (MRI, PETSCAN, NMR)
  • Commercial Grade Microwave Radiation
  • Food and Beverage Processes


  • No shift over time, high stability
  • Robust packaging
  • Each Monitor comes with a complete NIST calibration Certificate (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • Software designed for integration into test platforms
  • Robust data logging and Analytics
  • Customizable according to customer specific applications
  • Suitable for OEM-type applications.
Measurement Range-80 °C ... +300 °C (cryogenic 4 °K range optional)
Measurement range (Optional Range extensions)up to 2 K / up to 300 °C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy±1.0 °C (±0.2 °C in relative temperature)
Scan rate200 ms/channel
MemoryMicroSD external memory slot (up to 2 TB)
Logging10 years at 10 sec interval rate (8 GB)
Serial portRS-485 (Modbus)
ConnectivityGigabit, Optical Ethernet
Analog outputs8 fully configurable 0-10 V / 4-20 mA optional module available - Optional
Max Nr. of channels256 Channels, Daisy chain up to 32 units (with Modbus)
Memory4 or 8 GB, industrial-type Micro-SD
Relay8 Programmable Form-C Relays (5A) plus 1 system fault relay - Optional
Operating temperature-40 °C ... 72 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C ... 85 °C
Number of channels4 ... 24 channels
Dimensions26.7 cm x 18.7 cm x 7.2 cm (LXPxA)
Humidity95% no condensing
Protection classIP20

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