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DASOTEC is pleased to announce the start of its direct collaboration with the "Power Diagnostix Service" division of our representative Power Diagnostix, a renowned company in the production of instruments for measuring and monitoring Partial Discharges and loss factor.

Power Diagnostix Service

DASOTEC collaborates directly with the on-site measurement service division "Power Diagnostix Service", of our representative Power Diagnostix, a renowned company in the production of instruments for the measurement and monitoring of Partial Discharges and Tan Delta.

Service offers on-site measurements of High Voltage insulation conditions on motors and generators, power and distribution transformers, MT and HV class cables and gas / air insulated switchgears (GIS, Gas Insulated Switchgears). In addition, technical support can be offered during FAT and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), and we also act as independent consultants to locate partial discharge sources within different High Voltage insulation systems. . Our measurement reports with summaries and recommendations can often be very helpful when making important decisions regarding necessary maintenance actions or design changes in order to demonstrate the reliability of various HV equipment. The measurement service or the localization of PD can be carried out all over the world. Measurements can be made both offline and online.

For off-line testing, we are equipped with two mobile test systems and portable equipment.

With the Mobile High Voltage Test System, based on a 2 MVA converter, incorporated in a standard 12 meter container, we can offer both induced tests (up to 90 kV) and applied voltage tests (up to 500 kV). The test system is autonomous for on-site tests requiring up to 100 kVA using a generator mounted on the axis of the auxiliary tap. When using the system in resonant mode it is sufficient to introduce losses and, therefore, 2 kW is sufficient to cover, for example, an applied voltage test of 500 kV. When more input power is needed, the test system can be powered by a diesel generator.

The Mobile Medium Voltage Test System is supplied with a 100 kV / 11 kVA AC generator for testing, dry-type transformers, medium voltage switchgear or short cable jumpers. For larger capacitive loads, the van can be extended with a trailer, providing a 500 kVA / 50 kV resonant test system. Similar to the larger test system, this system is also self-sufficient for power requirements up to 16 kVA.

Several portable Very Low Frequencies (VLF) sources are also available for on-site testing of medium voltage equipment up to 60 kV.

Based on our consolidated expertise in Partial Discharge analysis and the development of test equipment related to different applications, PD Service is the perfect partner for root cause analysis and for the localization of Partial Discharges. In addition to on-site measurement surveys, measurement service contracts can also be offered, and remote reporting is possible. Our team of experienced engineers is ready to assist you with any inquiries relating to field measurements.

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In order to be able to provide a quick response on specific test requests, following the general information is very useful:

  • Number of devices to be tested

Equipment characteristics

  • Images or technical drawings
  • Place and date of the test
  • Reason for the test (for example FAT / SAT or diagnostic test)

After evaluating your request, we will contact you to clarify all the details relating to the on-site tests.

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