Wire-wound Resistors

Modular design for high voltages

HEINE's tubular resistors are available as single-tube, double-tube and multi-tube resistors, demonstrating the flexibility of this highly durable product range. Resistance coils – which can also be designed to be low-inductance – are attached to ceramic tubes of various diameters. Clips that act as electrical connections are used to secure the resistance wire at either end of the coil.

What makes HEINE frame resistors so special is their compact and modular design. Low inductivity and high insulation voltage are ensured using frames made from electrically insulating or metallic materials. Even if the resistor wire heats up, it remains firmly supported and fixed.

Both types can also be used with thermal monitoring. Wire resistors are primarily braking and chopper resistors, charging/discharging/damping resistors and testing resistors.

Our wire resistors are used for the following applications:

brake: enable reliable movement control

load: load testing of power generation units

charge: protect capacitors in batteries

start: starting current control of high-power motors

test: for regular testing of power supply systems or electrical drives

filter: reduce unwanted voltages, load and current peaks

earth: prevent damage to networked systems


  • Approved and trusted HEINE resistor technology
  • high energy-absorbing capacity
  • modular design
  • high durability
  • standardised design

Applications and Potential Customers

  • braking resistors for frequency converters
  • braking resistors for lifts
  • charging/discharging resistors for control units and renewable energy
Continuous Power0.2 - 18 kW
Voltage Resistance0.2 - 8000 Ω
Protection ClassIP00, IP20, IP23

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